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Why a Career in Manufacturing?

When you think of manufacturing, what comes to mind?  Do you picture a dreary job?  Do you see a dark factory? Are the tasks repetitive? Did your grandfather or grandmother used to work at “the mill” and barely made ends meet?

It isn’t surprising those images come to mind when thinking of a factory. A manufacturing facility.

Times have changed and so have modern-day factories.  You just don’t realize it because manufacturing isn’t glamorous in our minds.

The reality is, today, it’s called “advanced manufacturing” and it can actually be really cool.  Why? Because, the jobs employ the latest technologies and require highly skilled and creative workers to manage the complex processes. New machinery and materials, increased automation, computer-based equipment and smarter logistics define modern manufacturing. Bright environments with clean working conditions are necessary to the processes. It isn’t at all what it used to be and you need to know that.

Now is the time to be part of the industry that needs you.

Many in the existing workforce are becoming old enough to retire and an estimated 600,000 manufacturing jobs are going unfilled in the U.S. This is happening right here in Lincoln County, too. Our industries need employees with a strong skill set to hire for current job openings and also to prepare for the future retiring of their workforce.

Today, through educational and business partnerships, we prepare the next generation to close the workforce gap and bring home the rewards of modern manufacturing. We will create new types of jobs in industries that we have not even conceived of yet. These jobs will raise our standards of living, improve our quality of life and make Lincoln County a creative, innovative and prosperous place to live and work.

Interested in learning more?  Read on.

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